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Thoms Vision for RI

“My vision is to build on the city’s historic strengths, vibrant downtown, great parks and library, friendly neighborhoods, cultural life, and strong business core. I plan to continue the tradition of progressive, innovative, nonpartisan government. I promise to open the lines of communication between the city and its citizens,”

Mike graduated from Rock Island High school and attended Blackhawk College. He worked his way up through the family business, starting as a third shift warehouse worker and eventually becoming COO of Thoms-Proestler Co. As an owner and executive of a $300+ million family business that relocated from Iowa to Rock Island, Mike is uniquely qualified to understand what it takes to attract and retain businesses to Rock Island. Being responsible for the livelihood of hundreds of employees has taught him the balance of business growth and community responsibility.

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Community Involvement

Mike Thoms has been active in the community for over 25 years and has served as the chairman or board member of the following organizations.