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Growing Our Economy

Businesses, small and large, are the heart of any community. Rock Island is fortunate to have a diverse population and we must strive to ensure that the needs of all are met with the products and services offered in our city. Mike wants to continue to make it a priority to work with existing businesses in Rock Island to grow and develop, while also recruiting new and exciting businesses into the city. There is limitless potential in the Rock Island business community and Mike wants to extend a helping hand to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to succeed.

Working Together

As mayor, Mike has promoted collaboration between Rock Island and the Quad Cities, area school districts and local departments to increase efficiencies and cut costs. Mike believes that the city can continue to find areas where it can save taxpayers money by eliminating redundancies and streamlining processes. During his first term as mayor, Mike has used his 30 plus years of experience in public-private partnerships to unify area entities and create a stronger and more financially responsible Rock Island. He will continue to do so in his next four years.

Listening to You!

The citizens of Rock Island should have a bigger voice when it comes to decision-making. Mike wants to energize the Rock Island neighborhoods and make it easier for citizens to take a part in the process. By creating specialized committees and councils, listening to voters individually, and personally responding to every call, email, and text sent to him, Mike wants to continue to give ordinary citizens the opportunity to share ideas, opinions, and concerns about the things that mean the most to them.

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Community Involvement

Mike Thoms has been active in the community for over 25 years and has served as the chairman or board member of the following organizations.