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Business Tour: Performance Foodservice – Thoms Proestler

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Last, but certainly not least, we have Performance Foodservice – Thoms Proestler at 8001 51st St West, Rock Island.

I worked at Thoms-Proestler for 29 years, and was part of the fourth generation working at the business. I held several positions there; dockworker, inventory control, buyer, and warehouse manager, and finally, vice president of operation. Our family sold the business to Performance Food Group in 2005.

“We deliver more than 125,000 food and food-related products to 85,000 customer locations from our 24 broadline and 10 specialty distribution locations, but that’s not all.

Everything we do is to serve the people on the front lines of foodservice. We enable those who think “impossible” is a good reason to try something. We work to keep the people who find their purpose in early mornings, late nights, elbow grease, and the occasional fryer burn on the road to Michelin ratings. We aren’t just in the delivery business; we’re in the success business. We do everything we can to help each of our customers become a crazy, line-out-the-door success.

As a company, it is also our responsibility to focus on operating sustainably whenever and wherever possible. We offer a wide array of products to our customers who share this passion and have implemented systems and best practices throughout our warehouses and fleet to reduce our own impact on the environment.”

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Thanks for allowing me to visit (and give my own tour)!

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